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Special Programs

Out of the Ark Educational Animal Shows offers a unique attraction for craft fairs, libraries, scouting groups and everything in between!  Our programs can be customized for any event and any age group!


About Our Programs


Craft Fair/Community Displays:  Booking this option is great for entertainment at craft fairs, festivals and other public events.  This includes our table-top mini zoo and one animal presentation with our animal ambassadors.  Total time there is 4 hours and allows for guests to interact with our handlers, have their picture taken with an alligator or snake, and check out the mini-zoo.  Additional time and shows can be booked also.  

Scout Programs:  Our scout programs are approximately 45 minutes long and include 4-5 of our animal ambassadors.  Our handlers would be on site for about an hour to allow for questions and plenty of hands-on time during and after the show.  We offer special scout group pricing.

Library Programs:  We have four library programs available: Animals All Around, Reptile Rally, Magnificent Mammals, and Creepy Crawly Critters.  Each program offers a unique array of animals during an approximate 30 minute hands-on animal show.  Our table-top mini zoo can be added on to these programs also. 

Senior Centers/Assisted Living Programs:  We offer special pricing for senior centers and assisted living programs.  Our program for senior centers brings 3 of our animal ambassadors for an approximately 30 minute long hands-on show.

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